Example: Internationalization

Code editor plugins usually don't need to show a lot of UI text, but some of them can't get by without showing (or speaking) some human-language text. In order to be able to this without being stuck with hard-coded text that might be in the wrong language, CodeMirror contains rudimentary functionality for translatable phrases.

This support is not up to par with what real internationalization libraries support, because that would be overkill for this purpose. It just allows you to use the phrases facet to provide translated strings for specific fixed strings, and provides a phrase method which will return the translated form of the string you give it if one is available, or the original string otherwise.

Thus, reusable components are encouraged to put a call to state.phrase around every human-language string they show to the user.

You are also strongly encouraged to make sure your calls match a pattern like /\bphrase\(/, so that they are relatively easy to find—in order to translate your component, people will first need to figure out which phrases it uses.

There is not, at this point, a repository of translations for the strings in the core modules. The only thing to work with is the example below, which will be kept up to date to cover the phrases needed to translate a basic CodeMirror setup.

German CodeMirror

This is a map of phrases translating the phrases used in the core packages from English to German. You could base your own translations for other languages on it.

const germanPhrases = {
  // @codemirror/view
  "Control character": "Steuerzeichen",
  // @codemirror/commands
  "Selection deleted": "Auswahl gelöscht",
  // @codemirror/language
  "Folded lines": "Eingeklappte Zeilen",
  "Unfolded lines": "Ausgeklappte Zeilen",
  "to": "bis",
  "folded code": "eingeklappter Code",
  "unfold": "ausklappen",
  "Fold line": "Zeile einklappen",
  "Unfold line": "Zeile ausklappen",
  // @codemirror/search
  "Go to line": "Springe zu Zeile",
  "go": "OK",
  "Find": "Suchen",
  "Replace": "Ersetzen",
  "next": "nächste",
  "previous": "vorherige",
  "all": "alle",
  "match case": "groß/klein beachten",
  "by word": "ganze Wörter",
  "replace": "ersetzen",
  "replace all": "alle ersetzen",
  "close": "schließen",
  "current match": "aktueller Treffer",
  "replaced $ matches": "$ Treffer ersetzt",
  "replaced match on line $": "Treffer on Zeile $ ersetzt",
  "on line": "auf Zeile",
  // @codemirror/autocomplete
  "Completions": "Vervollständigungen",
  // @codemirror/lint
  "Diagnostics": "Diagnosen",
  "No diagnostics": "Keine Diagnosen",

Given that, you can include an expression like EditorState.phrases.of(germanPhrases) in your configuration to enable the translation.