Community Packages

This page lists CodeMirror-related packages maintained by the wider community. Note that the CodeMirror maintainers make no claims about the quality or fitness-for-purpose of any of these. See below for instructions on helping maintain this page.

Editor Extensions

Pops up an interactive color picker over color codes in the document.
Emacs key bindings for CodeMirror.
Make links inside the editor followable.
Displays indentation guides/markers on indented lines.
Integrate the editor with an LSP server over a web socket.
Count line numbers relative to the line that has the cursor.
CodeMirror plugin for the Liqvid web-based video format. See also @lqv/codebooth.
Add completable @-mentions in CodeMirror.
VIM key bindings for CodeMirror.
A set of VS Code-style key bindings.
Yjs-based collaborative editing plugin.

Language Support

Clojure language integration for CodeMirror.
Graphviz dot language support.
Integration for the J programming language.
Support for the Janet language.
Support for the Julia language.
GolfScript language support.
Syntax highlighting for the Nix configuration language.
R programming language support.


Large collection of editor themes. With theme editor.
A collection (material, solarized, dracula, github, aura) of themes.
One-dark theme. Also suitable as an example for writing a new theme.

Wrappers and Framework Integration

Editor code blocks in a ProseMirror editor using CodeMirror.
React component wrapping an editor view.
Integration of CodeMirror into the Remirror rich text editor.
CodeMirror integration for SolidJS.
Svelte component for CodeMirror.
Vue 3 component for CodeMirror.

Contributing to this Page

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Welcome additions are open source packages that implement some non-trivial functionality around CodeMirror 6 and that are maintained and fully implemented. If you have some hot new half-baked idea, please let it mature a bit before submitting here.

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