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We are rewriting CodeMirror, the open-source code editor for the browser. The new code will provide solid accessibility, touchscreen support, and a modern interface, while matching the existing code in features and performance. This work is currently in the prototype stage, and we're looking for financial support to complete it.

10442 € raised of 80000 € goal

CodeMirror, as an open source project, has been going for over ten years. Since 2011, for versions 2 to 5, its architecture and programming interface have been more or less stable. In 2011 IE6 had a significant market share, Chrome was just getting started, and jQuery was considered the gold standard of interface design. It was a different time.

While CodeMirror's architecture has held up pretty well, its age is starting to show. Issues related to touchscreen support, accessibility, and bidirectional text have been piling up in the bug tracker because, with the current architecture, they are extremely hard to address.

On top of that, the JavaScript community's approach to modularity and taste in interfaces has matured a lot in this time. With another project—ProseMirror—we've seen how well a modular system and linear data flow architecture can work for an editor. From a current perspective, CodeMirror's current programming interface feels outdated and clunky.

The Next Generation

We are happy to announce something we've been working on for the past months: a prototype for CodeMirror 6, a new architecture intending to address the current system's shortcomings from the ground up.

This being at the prototype stage, it's going to take a while more before it can be used in production. But it's already showing great promise.

If you're curious about the details, we've written more about the new architecture in the design document. The current code is on GitHub.

That's the good news. It does come with some bad news. Firstly, the programming interface for the editor is going to change radically, so when the time comes to upgrade, that might be quite a bit of work. We do have plans to write a compatibility wrapper which will allow simple setups to just drop that in, but it probably won't cover the whole old interface, and might turn out to be too slow if you're using the interface intensively. Additionally, the browser DOM structure of the editor will necessarily change, so you'll have to adjust your styles.

Secondly, we need money.

The Work Ahead

Our work so far has been generously funded by the Prototype Fund program. That funding runs out next month. There's a lot to do still, and we are looking for corporate sponsors to help sustain our work.

If your business relies on CodeMirror, or would be helped by having a solid, accessible, mobile-friendly code editor, please chip in and help us build this thing. We're looking to collect enough for another year of (part-time) work for a team of two, in the range of 80 000 euros. (If only part of the goal sum is collected, we'll do the best we can on that budget, and continue to seek other sources of funding.)

The buttons on this page can be used for immediate low-friction credit card donations. If you have other needs, or want to arrange for a support contract as part of your backing, please contact us. Donations of 500 euros or more will be displayed on the project page—with a logo and a link—for at least two years.

The main areas of work that need to be addressed for this project to become a success are:

The Team

We are two programmers from Berlin, Marijn Haverbeke and Adrian Heine. Marijn originally wrote the library, and we've been collaborating on maintaining it, along with ProseMirror and Acorn, for the past two years.


The editor below shows off the current state of our work. It is the new editor core, with the old JavaScript highligher wired in and some plugins enabled, such as the undo history and a line number gutter.

Note that this is a first version, not a fully finished piece of software. If you find something that's broken, we're grateful for bug reports. For other feedback, please use this forum thread


Thank you!