Extensible Code Editor

CodeMirror 6 is an in-progress rewrite of the CodeMirror code editor. The new system aims to provide solid accessibility, touchscreen support, better content analysis, and a modern programming interface, while matching the existing code in features and performance. It will not be API-compatible with the old code.

The project is at a point where the core code is in good shape, but the documentation is incomplete and several essential extensions have not been implemented yet.



CodeMirror is open source (MIT or GPL3). It is being developed on GitHub. Contributions are welcome.

Discussing the project, or asking questions, is best done on the forum. Bugs should be reported through the issue tracker. We aim to be an inclusive, welcoming community. To make that explicit, we have a code of conduct that applies to communication around the project.


These wonderful companies and organizations helped fund the work on CodeMirror 6.


Automattic Mozilla Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung


Wikimedia Foundation


Cargo Dataiku Overleaf


Andrew Lee Buildkite Nuclino Pobox superhi